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Space In My Heart

No Time EP

“No Time” by AmesEla & Kwok is a hip dance song about living life to the fullest - right now! Because we’ve “got no time for wasting”. We live in a busy world where information and the exchange of ideas are happening exponentially. Inspired by singer songwriter Amy Seidman’s quest for time to do the most fulfilling things in life, she shares her joy, eagerness, and angst. Being an artist is a dedication to inspiration and vision, demanding balance and time to make dreams a reality. The song “No Time” talks about taking personal inventory, participating in our own progression and choosing what matters most in the experiences we engage.

No Time EP - Track List

  1. No Time
  2. So Beautiful

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Tiny Skin

Soulful vocals artistically blend with classic songwriting, and contemporary downtempo in AmesEla's release "Tiny Skin". Traditional instruments rub elbows with modern rhythms as folk meets soul’s urban edge. AmesEla, the recording project, appeals to those who love eclectic music and artists who defy convention. More...

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Tiny Skin - Track List

  1. Inspiration
  2. All Love
  3. So Beautiful, Vincent Kwok Mix
  4. Something To Say
  5. Two My Soul
  6. The Flow
  7. Liquid Bliss
  8. Tiny Skin
  9. No Time
  10. So Beautiful, eLuna Mix

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Blue Sky

A more folk oriented exploration of love, life and life, Blue Sky is a collection of intimate songs that pulse with passion, exploration and emotion. Written in a quiet living room late nights, Blue Sky's songs are morphings of key moments in song writer Amy Seidman's twisty turny journey of life.

This is also the first album recorded at the historical SyKlopps Studios where Amy Seidman met L. Henry Sarmiento through a mutual friend named Dax. This simple introduction and production began what became a long term collaboration between the two resulting in a unique approach to pop. Working with some of the worlds greatest bands, Henry brought in some amazing players including talented composer and keyboard player Steve Hoffman and Charles McNally on sax. Blue Sky also features music greats such as Mark Meadows, Manas Itene, and other guests. View the "Blue Sky" web site.

"Blue Sky" Album by AmesEla

Blue Sky - Track List

  1. Mr. Right Now
  2. Blue Sky
  3. Little Song
  4. Wheel
  5. Way Home
  6. Alright
  7. Hope
  8. Mouth Shut
  9. Spaghetti Western
  10. Black Crow
  11. Diamond
  12. Knockin'
  13. I'm So Happy
  14. Alright Dub Mix
  15. Mr. Right Now French Dub



Rough Draft

An intimate recording of Amy Seidman unplugged. Listen to the rhythm of folk as AmesEla weaves stories of sorrow, comfort and soul. Recorded by Marty Blasick

"Rough Draft" - Accoustic Songs by AmesEla

Rough Draft - Track List

  1. Sparkling Cider
  2. Mouth Shut
  3. April Fool
  4. Hope
  5. Stranger
  6. All Right
  7. Wheel





So Beautiful LP

Produced by DJ MFR aka Marco Celone, "So Beautiful" LP is an example of serendipity in action. Recorded in one of the studios at SyKlopps where Transport Recording production facility was. In a matter of moments, the merger of one of AmesEla's album tracks worked well for the concept Marco had for his song. Months later Cosmic Flux released it on vinyl getting airplay around the world. Producer and DJ Vincent Kwok remixed and co-produced the Side A track. Amy and Vincent had never met until at least a year after the LP was released, despite knowing each other's work intimately.

DJ MFR has seen great reviews and plays from this track including over 1800 on Rhapsody and hitting top five at Radio Centro Roma.

"So Beautiful" by AmesEla

So Beautiful - Track List

Side A. So Beautiful - Vincent Kwok Mix
Side B. So Beautiful - Vincent Kwok Dub
        So Beautiful, Original







House Warming Compilation

Mixed by Vincent Kwok, Amy Seidman Creative Directs digital compilation with SF Station. "So Beautiful" is part of this digital compilation by SF Station, INgrooves, and Creative Entity Music available only online through iTunes and hundreds of other download partners.


"So Beautiful" by AmesEla

House Warming


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