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“No Time” EP
by AmesEla & Kwok
features their pumping new release about living life to the fullest - right now! We’ve “got no time for wasting”. “No Time” EP also includes house favorite “So Beautiful - Vincent Kwok Mix” from DJ MFR & AmesEla.

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“No Time” by AmesEla & Kwok is a hip dance song about living life to the fullest - right now! Because we’ve “got no time for wasting”.
We live in a busy world where information and the exchange of ideas are happening exponentially. Inspired by singer songwriter Amy Seidman’s quest for time to do the most fulfilling things in life, she shares her joy, eagerness, and angst. Being an artist is a dedication to inspiration and vision, demanding balance and time to make dreams a reality. The song “No Time” talks about taking personal inventory, participating in our own progression and choosing what matters most in the experiences we engage.

A groovy song about seeing everyone for the beauty they are - whether fat, skinny, brown or yellow. So Beautiful was inspired by a small group of adventures whose camp was known as “No Where In Particular”. “Colored baubles dangling” contrast with experiences of a world traveled and the beauty of an unadulterated reality.

“So Beautiful” is an allegory of the sixth Chakra, said to govern our ability to see beyond the physical world through intuition. “Baridi sana Coca Cola man” meets “blue haired boy” who “wears no brand”, and in the end dances to “rumbled bongo baby beat”.

AmesEla Reviews

“...AmesEla providing silky smooth vocals over deep house beats, smooth synths, and string arrangements.... AmesEla’s vocal snippets adorn the track in all the right places giving this track a soulful feel... the Original mix which layers AmesEla’s vocals over snappy snares, old-school house organs, and a live bassline...For fans of Miguel Migs or Naked Music, this release is sure to find plenty of play-time in your crate.”
- “So Beautiful” Review, CoyWest, 12” Reviews

“...A bumpy groove with wicked keys and vocalist AmesEla who is blessing us with her talent. She’s giving the track that extra soulful edge.”
- “So Beautiful” Review, Michael Fossati, Spirit of House, 12” Reviews.

“...A sultry sophisticated vocal from AmesEla over a groovy and smooth instrumental. Sexy keys and a solid garage feel to the track will make it a choice for the vocal DJs...”
- “So Beautiful” Review, Andrew Reid, Phantasm, Nocturnal Magazine

“I’m listening to your CD right now. It’s hot, Amy. Kinda jazzy, with that cool, sexy house sensability, and a really positive vibe; feel good, with cutting-edge hipness. And your voice sounds so pretty and ethereal. It invokes images of celtic godesses in misty groves, sleek sirens, singing by waterfalls, with hot gay backup dancers on the rocks above ... so good. I’m especially into your voices natural raspiness. So many women sound oh-so-affected, trying to hit that sound that comes naturally to you. It’s in my rotation, for sure!”
- AmesEla, MySpace Comment

- “No Time” & “So Beautiful” feature industry players and well-known DJs such as Vincent Kwok (Virgin, Transport Recordings, Eight-Fifteen), DJ MFR (Transport Recordings, Om Records) “No Time” and “So Beautiful” can also be found on album “Tiny Skin” where AmesEla artistically blends folk with contemporary downtempo and trip-hop.

Produced by DJ MFR, with acclaimed remix by Vincent Kwok, “So Beautiful” received stunning reviews within the underground electronic scene. “So Beautiful” by DJ MFR & AmesEla, has been played internationally - reaching number one in Italy on Radio Centro Roma.

Sold-out on vinyl release by indie label Cosmic Flux, later licensed to Andy Caldwell compilation, “So Beautiful” is also found on “West Coast Excursions Volume 1” Transport Recordings distributed by OM Records, “House Warming” a digital compilation with SF Station & INgrooves featured by iTunes, and podcast rotation on Rhapsody, Napster and other online venues.

Amy was mentored by the legendary Eddie Levine (Blue Note, MCA, UA, Avenue Jazz, responsible for discovering artists like Earl Klugh, Steve Windwood, and helping make hits out of songs like grammy winning movie theme to “Rocky”).

Initial music beds of “So Beautiful” were recorded at the historical SyKlopps Studios in San Francisco (private studio of legendary Herbie Herbert of SyKlopps, manager to Journey, Steve Miller, Mr. Big).

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AmesEla About

Vincent Kwok’s range of talents and skills go beyond the average producer. His production chops and talent for skillfully blended arrangements have set him apart from the herd. Kwok’s impressive production credits range from remixes for major label artists such as Usher and Kenny Lattimore to underground artists such as Khaimar and DJ MFR. These have received acclaim from DJ luminaries such as Miguel Migs’, Jay-J and Danny Rampling. His recent collaborations with DJ MFR under the moniker of New Mondo have taken a darker route, while continuing to set dance floors ablaze.

Vincent’s DJ accomplishments have been no less impressive with a highly successful contribution on the Bargrooves series from Seamless Recordings which reached no. 23 on the Billboard Electronic Charts. In addition he has provided DJ mixes on Galaxy FM in the UK. He has also played at clubs such as San Francisco’s legendary End-Up, Mighty, and DNA.

His latest mix CD “West Coast Excursion volume 2” has recently been released on the west coast label Transport Recordings. This CD contains a selection of West Coast House tracks all skillfully blended in his smooth style.

AmesEla has worked alongside talented producers and writers such as L. Henry Sarmiento of Sonic Vista Studios, Vincent Kwok EightFifteen, Gordon Brislawn of Bad Habit, and Marco Celone aka DJ MFR of Transport Recordings. She has produced several albums of her own music including “Tiny Skin” featuring acclaimed musicians Mark Meadows and Cameron Stone, as well as “Blue Sky”; a special project at SyKlopps Studios.

Singer songwriter Amy Seidman aka AmesEla has collaborated and contributed to other projects such as Phil Harrington’s Laundry Room, as well as creative co-producer of “House Warming” a digital compilation with SF Station & Ingrooves featured by iTunes. With credits for commercial licensing, her songs have received high acclaim in reviews on, Nocturnal Magazine, and 12” Reviews.

Born and raised in New York City, Amy Seidman is also a multimedia artist who incorporates different forms of media and art into her performances with intention and design carried into her album covers, DVDs, music videos, internet sites, T-shirts.

Amy was one of the co-creators of “Sol” a performance art show in Santa Monica with the Chakra Explorers - a collaborative experiment in theatre, where she grew the final version of “The Flow” on the album Tiny Skin. Amy has also participated as a visual and music artist at numerous events and exhibitions in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York.

DJ MFR has gained popularity through a variety of productions and remixes on Transport Recordings and some of the most respected Labels around the world. His releases have included the very first volume in the West Coast Excursion series as well as his highly acclaimed artist album “Rome Departure” which was selected to be album of the month and best of 2005 on iDJ magazine.

Marco Celone aka DJ MFR, has also contributed a release to the “San Francisco” installment of the acclaimed AfterDark series on the Kinky Sweet label. This stayed at the top of the Billboard electronic charts for several weeks.

Transport Recordings takes you on another West Coast Excursion, containing music from some of the most respected West Coast Record labels and producers such as Miguel Mig’s, Julius Papp, Vincent Kwok and DJ MFR, flawlessly blended together in DJ MFR’s smooth mixing style.

AmesEla Liner Notes

No Time - Vocals and Melody by Amy Seidman, Music by Vincent Kwok

So Beautiful - Vocals and Melody by Amy Seidman | Keys by Pranell O’Neill with MarcoCelone aka DJ MFR, additional instrumentation by Vincent Kwok

Writers Credits: “No Time” written by Amy Seidman & Vincent Kwok © 2008, 2009, “So Beautiful” written by Amy Seidman & Marco Celone ©2002

“No Time”, produced by Vincent Kwok. “So Beautiful” produced by DJ MFR, Transport Recordings. Additional production, mixing and mastering by Vincent Kwok.

Recorded at Syklopps Studios, EightFifteen and Creative Entity Music in San Francisco.

No Time EP ©2009 Creative Entity™, AmesEla & Kwok, Music, All Rights Reserved.