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New Release: "No Time" EP by AmesEla & Kwok Available March 17, 2009 available at online stores, March 17, 2009
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Multimedia artist, photographer and musician, Amy Seidman, will be discussing the intersection of music, digital media and technology to inspire people around nature and culture, as part of Meet the Composer, awarded by the New York Counsel for the Arts.

features unique performance of songs inspired by Nature including instruments found in the forest or made from organic materials. This is an accoustic set with improvised works mixed with songs. Appearing in AmesEla are Amy Seidman (voice, percussion), Eah Herren (harp), Daniel Alvarenga Flores (guitar), Hugh Fox (cello), Temomo Mane (bolom batoo), Jud Schwartz (percussion), and. This event is part of AmesEla's "100th Monkey Tour" to experiment with cultural mash ups and merging multiple disciplines

-- “Tiny Skin” features industry players and well-known DJs such as Vincent Kwok (Virgin, Transport Recordings, Eight-Fifteen), DJ MFR (Transport Recordings, Om Records), Cameron Stone (Donna DeLory), Mark Meadows (Edgar Winter, Johnny Guitar Watson, Brian Auger, Dweezle Zappa, Lisa Loeb, Meredith Brooks), and Shannon Michael Terry (Open Door Orchestra) and Will-I-Am.

-- Song “So Beautiful” has aired on radio internationally - reaching number one on Radio Centro Roma, been podcasted on networks such as Rhapsody, and rotated at events such as Burningman

-- Song “So Beautiful” produced by DJ MFR aka Marco Celone with acclaimed remix by Vincent Kwok was released on vinyl by Cosmic Flux. All prints sold out with listings on Rare Records in London and other cities in the international community all through the pulse of the underground scene.

-- "So Beautiful" by AmesEla, DJ MFR and Kwok was well-received by Andy Caldwell when licensed tohis compilation in England. Currently, part of compilation by DJ MFR “West Coast Excursion” distributed by Om Records, and "House Warming" by Kwok with

-- “Wheel” and “Mouth Shut” made Top 40 and was noted as a “Hot Mover" with AAA ratings on

-- "Blue Sky " made Top Ten on and was noted as a “Hot Mover” in their Alternative section

-- Amy was mentored by the legendary Eddie Levine (Blue Note, MCA, UA, Avenue Jazz, responsible for discovering artists like Earl Klugh, Steve Windwood, and helping make hits out of songs like grammy winner movie theme to "Rocky"

-- Initial music beds of “Tiny Skin” were recorded at the historical SyKlopps Studios in San Francisco (private studio of legendary Herbie Herbert (Journey, Steve Miller, Mr. Big). recorded by L. Henry Sarmiento (Tower of Power, Journey remix). All other instruments recorded at Amy's studio at Creative Entity. A blend of modern garage band recording to an Apple laptop & Protools, powered with classic super star rock and roll iconography!



"...AmesEla providing silky smooth vocals over deep house beats, smooth synths, and string arrangements.... AmesEla’s vocal snippets adorn the track in all the right places giving this track a soulful feel without getting all queeny...the Original mix which layers AmesEla’s vocals over snappy snares, old-school house organs, and a live bassline...For fans of Miguel Migs or Naked Music, this release is sure to find plenty of play-time in your crate.”
-- "So Beautiful" Review, CoyWest, 12” Reviews

"...A bumpy groove with wicked keys and vocalist AmesEla who is blessing us with her talent. She’s giving the track that extra soulful edge.”
-- "So Beautiful" Review, Michael Fossati, Spirit of House, 12” Reviews.

"...A sultry sophisticated vocal from AmesEla over a groovy and smooth instrumental. Sexy keys and a solid garage feel to the track will make it a choice for the vocal DJs..."
-- "So Beautiful" Review, Andrew Reid, Phantasm, Nocturnal Magazine

"I'm listening to your CD right now. It's hot, Amy. Kinda jazzy, with that cool, sexy house sensibility, and a really positive vibe; feel good, with cutting-edge hipness. And your voice sounds so pretty and ethereal. It invokes images of celtic goddesses in misty groves, sleek sirens, singing by waterfalls, with hot gay backup dancers on the rocks above ... so good. I'm especially into your voices natural raspyness. So many women sound oh-so-affected, trying to hit that sound that comes naturally to you. It's in my rotation, for sure!"
-- "Tiny Skin" album, SF Fan Letter

“What a voice! Check out this great band”
-- “Mouth Shut” Featured Indie Review by

“Blues Lives! Great blues number.“
-- "Blue Sky" Review, Travis White - Warm Springs, Georgia, GARAGE BAND.COM