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"No Time" EP

    "No Time" speaks about living life to the fullest - right now! Because we’ve “got no time for wasting”.

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Tiny Skin

Soulful vocals artistically blend with classic songwriting, and contemporary downtempo in AmesEla's release "Tiny Skin". Traditional instruments rub elbows with modern rhythms as folk meets soul’s urban edge. AmesEla, the recording project, appeals to those who love eclectic music and artists who defy convention. More...

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Subscription Series

Join the Creative Entity Music subscription series and receive music, DVDs, calendars, books and other works created or cur rated by Amy Seidman. Save 40% on all products by joining our series and get a new product or series every two months.

Other products include:

Elemental DVD , compilation of nature imagery set to fantastic music designed to relax and calm the soul. Great to take the plasma screen into another realm.

Incredible Oceans DVD , the first in a visual nature series featuring imagery by Amy Seidman set to sound recordings by Bernie Krause.